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50 Wolcott Road

Levittown, NY  11756

Gateway Nursery School:  516 735 5518

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Gateway Nursery school
(formerly LBC Nursery School)


Ms. Kristyn Heubish

Director / Teacher

Mrs. Lynn Schmidt


Mrs. Barbara Reetz

Classroom Aide

Mrs. Janet Barracato

Classroom Aide

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School Philosophy:


LBC Nursery School ascribes to the philosophy of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) which states that children's play is a primary vehicle for and indicator of cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. In essence, we believe children learn naturally and successfully through hands-on experiences.

We ensure the children's growth will be stimulated in all areas: cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual.

Classroom Environment:


Our classroom is well-supplied with equipment to create learning experiences. We provide daily activities which include singing, rhymes, finger plays, rhythmic movement, age-appropriate creative art, and stories to nurture growth in these areas. Our rooms are set up into learning centers. As the children explore the materials and do the activities at the centers they develop skills and learn concepts. There are skills and concepts learned that are common to all centers and skills and concepts that are learned more powerfully at one center than the others.

We use many opportunities during the school year, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, to talk about the Lord Jesus, and God's love and care for the children in ways the children can understand. We sing songs and read stories about God as well. We believe spiritual development is as important as the other areas of development.

Through a loving, safe, happy environment with adults who nurture creativity, self-esteem, and growth we provide a positive first school experience.