Why attend the men's conference?

Dear men of RGF, 

There are two notable reasons why I believe it is important for you make the men's conference a priority if you able to attend. If you have already committed yourself to attending, I would recommend that you register ASAP by giving your deposit to NSBC. Whether or not you have come to a decision about attending the retreat, I encourage you to read the following post, including the links to external blogposts.

If you are planning to attend, this will inform you of how you can be praying for personal growth and fellowship. For those who are undecided, this will hopefully help to encourage you to attend. 

1. Fellowship
As a new baby church, this will give us men an opportunity to develop closer bonds of fellowship as we study the Word, pray, worship, and relax together. Although we will be with a larger group of men from NSBC, we will make a point to separate on a few occasions to be with one another. 

2. Systematic Theology
Systematic theology shows us how all of the doctrines of God fit together. Christian's minds crave to increasingly understand God. Systematic theology builds the framework for our greater understanding. Understanding doctrine in a systematic way has helped me to gain more from sermons and personal Bible reading. I commend you to read these two articles about the importance of learning systematic theology by Randy Alcorn and Kevin DeYoung.