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School Curriculum:


The activities at our 12 classroom learning centers develop all age-appropriate curriculum skills, while the children enthusiastically enjoy what they are doing. The children will never sit down at school to do workbooks or dittos. We have quiet listening times, discussions and sharing of ideas, and active learning through manipulatives and projects. The children participate in a variety of activities each day and make their own discoveries, with free expression and creativity encouraged.

The program for our 4 year olds fully prepares them for the kindergarten experience and beyond. A sampling of our pre-K educational curriculum follows:

Language Arts

  • reading readiness through letter recognition and phonemic awareness, sight words, literature and oral communication skills

  • writing the letters of the alphabet, our first and last names

  • journal-writing

  • practical writing experiences in our special imagination centers (post office, pizzeria, doctor’s office, etc.)

  • rhyming words and opposites


  • number and numeration skills

  • graphing

  • comparative amounts and sizing

  • patterns

  • geometry

  • simple addition and subtraction skills

  • the months of the year and calendar

  • using tally marks

  • problem-solving skills


  • experienced through hands-on activities at our science center

  • magnets

  • magnification

  • sink or float

  • our five senses

  • life cycles: plants - sprouting and planting seeds; butterflies – from caterpillars to butterflies in our butterfly garden

  • recording observations of our ant farm, nature, weather and seasonal changes

Social Studies

  • our family, our school and our community

  • the Pledge of Allegiance and patriotic songs

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The program for the 3 year olds provides skill development in all curriculum areas, designed with age-appropriate materials and activities. Large and fine motor skills are developed, and socialization and communication skills are fostered.

The hands-on materials and activities for both 3 and 4 year old classes are changed, expanded and become increasingly complex and challenging as the year progresses.

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