Membership Process

Church membership is a very important part of the Christian life. Please consider the following quotes from the book "Church Membership" by Jonathan Leeman

"What is church membership? It’s a declaration of citizenship in Christ’s kingdom. Church membership is a formal relationship between a church and a Christian characterized by the church’s affirmation and oversight of a Christians’s discipleship and the Christian’s submission to living out his or her discipleship in the care of the church. Church membership is all about a church taking specific responsibility for you, and you for a church."

"Just as Christ submitted his whole life for our good, so we should submit our whole lives for one another’s good."

"The local church community should be a place where Christians form and shape one another for good through all the dynamics of friendship."

"Christians should look to the church for ethical instruction, counsel, accountability, and discipline in the matters that are addressed by God’s word."

We are grateful for your interest in joining with us in covenant membership. We desire to be intentional and helpful as you seek to covenant with us in membership. Please read below about what the process of becoming a member looks like at RGF. 

Step 1. Self Examination

Determine whether you meet the criteria of a member? You must be…

  • A believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ, ie: a born again Christian.
  • Regular Attender of Redeeming Grace Fellowship Worship Services.
  • Baptized in a Biblical manner (by immersion after salvation) or in the process of pursuing baptism at Redeeming Grace Fellowship.

Step 2. Application
Fill out a membership application form and a testimony worksheet and email them to

  • The Membership Application Form will give us your background information that will be helpful in getting to know you. It also contains a few basic questions about doctrine. 
  • The Testimony Worksheet will help you to think through the questions that you will be discussing in your first membership interview.

Step 3. Initial Interview
Once the Membership Application Form and the Testimony Worksheet have been received, the elders will reach out to set up an interview meeting with you.

  • This meeting will be for the purposes of discussing your testimony, gifts, basic understanding of doctrine, and status of baptism.
  • The elders will determine whether or not RGF affirms your testimony.
  • If your testimony is affirmed, you will be given homework for step 4.
  • If your testimony is not affirmed, the elder will seek to help you understand the gospel as we understand it and teach it at RGF. 

Step 4. Membership Pursuit Form
We desire the members of RGF to know the Scriptural basis for membership and how members are supposed to serve and fellowship according to the New Testament. If at any time you have any questions concerning the materials or need help with the process, please contact the elders of Redeeming Grace Fellowship at

Step 5. Final Interview
Once your Membership Pursuit Form has been received, an elder or RGF will contact you to set up your final interview. This usually occurs directly before or after a worship service.

Step 6. Congregational Approval
Upon completion of steps 1-5, the elders will bring your name before the congregation for affirmation of membership.