God Doesn't need Insurance

August 8, 2021 Preacher: Michael Neglia Series: Isaiah

Topic: OT Messianic Phrophecy Scripture: Isaiah 50

Isaiah 50

God doesn't need insurance.  He created everything that exist for his pleasure.

God uses Isaiah to prophesy that Juda will be distroyed and the people will be taken as slaves to Babylon.  This is to punish them for their sin and unfaithfullnes.  God also has Isaiah prophesy that they will again be brought back together and reunited. 

God has Isaiah also prophesy's that a savior  (the obediant servant) will come to save us all from Sin. (Jesus).

1) We are to cherish the chastisement and punishment from God, because he is correcting our ways and making us stronger.

2) We are to Study and learn the Scripture and true word so that we understand it and learn from it, but that we also use it to teach others.

3) We are to seek the servant (Jesus) and follow his lead and way.  Keep focused on him.

4) Stay safe and secure in the savior.  Be a true servant. Trust in the Lord.   Nothing we do will make us succeed on our own.  We need the saviour.  Put our trust in the Lord and we will be saved.


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