Beautiful Irony

August 29, 2021 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Isaiah

Scripture: Isaiah 52:13– 53:12

1. The Suffering Servant will be Superior
2. The Perfect Person will be Pulverized
3. The Dehumanized Man will Decontaminate Many
4. The Mighty Men will become Mute
5. The Crown Jewel of Heaven will become a Common Jew on Earth
6. The Revered and Distinguished will become Rejected and Despised
7. The One Broken and Stricken will bear Our Griefs and Sorrows
8. The Innocent One will Suffer for the Iniquities of Others
9. The Punishment of t he Servant will result in Peace for Sinners
10. The Cross of Suffering will become a Cure for Sin
11. The Shepherd will become a Substitute for Straying Sheep
12. The One Who Spoke Life Into Existence will be Silently Led to Execution
13. The Messiah's Corpse will be Memorialized with the Corrupt
14. It Pleased the Father to Punish the Son
15. The Servant who Dies will See His Descendants

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