Jesus the Heart Burner

September 12, 2021 Series: Elders and Guest Preachers

Topic: Christ our Redeemer Scripture: Luke 24:13–35

The Story:

1. The walk to Emmaus - Jesus explains the scriptures of why Jesus needed to die on the cross.
2. The stay at Emmaus - Breaking of bread they realized that he was Jesus and had come back to life.
3. The walk back to Jerusalem - They rushed to tell the 11 apostles and some followers and Peter also confirmed he saw Jesus.  Jesus still loved him after his 3 denials.

The Application:

1. Jesus' preaching of Himself and His cross - to explain why he had to come to earth and die.
2. Jesus' aim is for a burning heart - our desire to want to be with him and in his word/spirit.
3. Jesus' friendship to sinners - he loves everyone and will forgive your sins if you believe and follow him.

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