Return of the King

July 31, 2022 Preacher: Steve Schultz Series: Isaiah

Topic: Christ our Redeemer Scripture: Isaiah 62

Isaiah is written poetically using Parallelism where the same idea is stated twice in Different ways.  We need to know how it is written to make sure we get the meaning right.  We are all sinners and Jesus came to earth to be our salvation.  Zion and Jerusalem is symbolically where Jesus's people live but is any person who is a believer.  After Jesus came, he is our light and Salvation.  We are to believe and follow him and shine his light so that all nations see it and realize Jesus is the light.  We did not earn this through good works, because we are all sinners.  Only Jesus dying on the Cross for are sins are we forgiven.  God, Jesus and the Holy spirit all are our God.

We need to continue to Glorify God by presenting the gospel to the world.  It is Jesus who died for our sins and seeks us.  We are instructed to seek his will and follow his path and his light will shine through us to all the world.  By focusing on Him we will be given the strength to overcome all challenges and be given eternal life.


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