Isn't it Ironic

November 6, 2022 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Limited Edition

Topic: The Cross Scripture: John 18–19

Isn't it Ironic,

  Jesus,  The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, was crucified on the Cross. He willingly sacrificed himself to die for our sins. 

  Jesus, the perfect Judge, was justed by the unjust Pilot and the Jewish crowd and put to death.

  The Jews chose to kill their true king and savior and pledge their allegiance to Rome, only to have Rome later encircle Jerusalem and distroy the city and people.

  Empires rise and Fall, but the Lord is forever.

  Jesus the only Perfect human without any sins, willingly died on the Cross to pay for our sins.  His Father sacrificed his Son, just to save us and those who believe eternal life. 





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