Resurrection Sunday

Order of Worship - 4/12/2020

Thank you for taking part in this time of worship. Please follow the order of service as it is listed here, from top to bottom. I hope you are richly encouraged. (Please be sure to thank Ben Arnoux for all of his hard work on the video work this week.) 




See What a Morning

He Arose



Written by Steve Schultz

Precious and priceless heavenly Father,

We thank You, as the people that You have made your own, for the right and the motivation to celebrate such a day as this. Without your life-giving Spirit we acknowledge that we would view it all as foolishness and be lost in our sin.

We thank You for Your love and Your pity that motivated your redemptive actions towards us.

We thank You for the blood sacrifice made by Your only begotten Son that would remove the eternal death penalty that we all so deserved.

We thank You for Your Holy Spirit who has caused us to see Christ as our Savior, to see You as our Father, to see Your Word as truth, to see other believers as brethren, and to see our wretched condition in such a way that it would drive us to the cross.

We thank You for defeating death and the grave as demonstrated by the resurrection and enabling us to experience a spiritual life that enables us to commune in spirit with You.

Please cause us to truly understand and be mindful of each of these blessings on this day such that we are empowered to share them with others.

Please afford us divinely orchestrated opportunities today to express these truths to others that You cause to cross our paths.

Please help us to manifest the endless blessings in our lives that have resulted from these truths in ways that edify the brethren and that communicate the Good News to the lost.

May these requests for today then continue every day as we live out the fruit of the Resurrection in everything we think, say and do. Thank you for your Son, His rising from the grave, and your Spirit that makes even speaking to you about these things possible!

 - Worship in Song - 

Hail the Day

Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery




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  • Memory verses: Review Philippians 4:4-7 and introduce Philippians 4:8 as the new memory verse 
  • Review the lessons from the past two weeks
    • Two weeks ago we learned about Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey. The disciples praised Him as king while the Pharisees wanted them to stop.
    • Last week we learned about Jesus’s last Passover meal with His disciples in which He taught them the meaning of His death. Jesus would die as the Passover lamb, the perfect substitute for sinners who put their trust in Him.
      • What special meal did Jesus celebrate with His disciples? (The Passover)
      • What was the bread and the wine a picture of? (Jesus’ body and blood)
  • This week, read about the crucifixion and resurrection from Luke 23:13 - 24:12
    • Discuss what it means that we are all sinners. We may not be criminals like the thieves on the cross, but we are also guilty of sinning against a holy God.
    • Point your children to the gospel. Jesus died in our place to take the punishment that we deserve. We must admit that we are guilty of sin and trust in Jesus as the only one who could pay for our sin.
    • Explain how Jesus' resurrection proves that He will also raise us to newness of life. 
  • Pray together that the Lord would grant your children saving faith.
  • Activity Sheet: Download Here
  • Coloring Page: Download Here