Present, Past, Future

May 22, 2022 Preacher: Jonathan Rodriguez Series: Elders and Guest Preachers

Topic: The sovereignty of God in history Scripture: Revelation 1:4-8

Present, Past, Future - Revelations 1:4-8  Revelations was Written by John during Nero's Reign in Rome when all the Christians were being percecuted.  John was percecuted and Exiled to an Island for his beliefs, but wrote Revelations to encourage the 7 Church's to know that God (the Triligy) was still in control and to keep the faith. 

Two important numbers in the bible are 3 for the Trinity and 7 which Represents the Completion of Perfection.  These Revelation Chapters show three main facts.

1) Jesus is Lord of History,

2) Jesus the Conquerer

3) Jesus the Lord of the Priests

1)  Jesus is Lord of History - Revelations is the only Book which addresses his people as coming from the Triligy, (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  God is the "I AM",  Jesus is the Who Is, Who Was and Who is to come.  He is the Lord that has been there throughout our history.  

2) Jesus the Conquerer,  Jesus was the Great and Failthful Witness,  He was born and lived the perfect life being faithful to God, even unto Death,  He died for our sins and Conqured Death and is alive today.

3) Jesus is the Lord of the Priests,  He is stated as the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and has dominion over earth.  He is the High Priest and has prepared a place for us.  

No matter what is going on in your life, remember that God is in control Now, Yesterday and tomorrow.  Focus on him and trust in him to deliver you from evil and for eternal life.  Focus on what he wants you to do for him.





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