Limited Atonement

October 2, 2022 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Salvation

Topic: Limited Atonement Scripture: John 10:11-14

Ten questions help us undertstand what happened at the cross.

Question 1: What are the views of the atonement?
Question 2: Where do we agree?
Question 3: Where do we disagree?
Question 4: What is the logical argument against general atonement?
Question 5: What is the scope of the atonement according to the Bible?
Question 6: What about the word 'WORLD?'
Question 7: What about the word 'ALL?'
Question 8: What about the examples of redemption being spoken about as potential?
Question 9: Are there any examples of Scripture excluding anyone from the work of Christ on the cross?
Question 10: What is the value of knowing that Christ died for the elect?

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