Idols: For Dummies

June 27, 2021 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Isaiah

Topic: Idolatry Scripture: Isaiah 44:1-28

1. The Problem of Idolatry vv8-20

     God addresses the problem of idolatry in v8. with sarcasm asked and answered by           Himself

     vv10-11 God goes on a satirical diatribe 'I made you and you made God?!'

     God made everything ex nihilo (out of nothing)

    v12 God is mocking the idolmaker

    v13-17 God scornofully mocks the worship of a created thing

    vv18-20 God presents idols as lifeless, without power-unable to save them

    cf. Is 6, Mark 4:11, 12

2. The Solution vv21-23

         The bad news is they were lost, slaves to sin, because of Adam and they chose to

     sin. The good news is that Jesus came to free those who trust in His death and 

     resurrection from death and give them eternal life.


The most controversial verse in Isaiah 44 is v28.

God is promising to send a man (a pagan Gentile) Cyrus to free the Israelites as well as fund the building of the temple


     Idol rejection is possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ



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