The church name has been changed from Gateway Church to Levittown Baptist. This website is in the process of being transitioned to reflect the name change. The website domain will change to on April 1. 

Shepherding Notes

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Genesis 36

The Epilogues - Part 2...

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Genesis 35

The Epilogues - Part 1...

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Genesis 34

The Defiling of Dinah...

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Matthew 22

We are image bearers of God...

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Matthew 21

Parable of the Two Sons and Parable of the Tenants...

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Matthew 20

Sovereign generosity...

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Matthew 19

Divorce and the Rich Young Ruler...

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Genesis 29

Turnabout is Fair Play...

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Genesis 28

Stairway to Heaven...

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Matthew 18

Jesus does not make light of sin...

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